Friday, May 11, 2007

Information Regarding Wednesday(16/05/2007) & Friday(18/05/2007) Training

To all cadets,

Please take note that there will be training on
Wednesday (16/05/2007) and Friday (18/05/2007). You are required to fall in in your FULL UNIFORM by 2.55pm. Sec 4s are not required to attend trainings until further notice.

In light of NPCC Day on Wednesday (16/05/2007), all NPCC cadets are required to wear their FULL UNIFORM for the entire school day. On the day itself, you are required to
fall in in front of the NPCC room by 6.50am. Your full-uniform will have to be in tip-top condition.

Secondary One cadets are required to fall in in your school uniform with tie.

If there is any need to clarify your doubts, please feel free to approach any of the NCOs.

Thank You.

SSGT Ainul Hikmah
Head NCO (Training)

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