Monday, August 3, 2009

21st July 2009

Attention Cadets

1. There will be training on Wednesday 5TH August 2009.
2. Cadets are to fall-in at 2.45pm sharp outside the ISH (at the carpark) Training will end at 6.10pm.
3. NOTE! Sec ones are to fall-in in their full uniform with all their badges fixed. Do take note that sec 1s will also have to bring along their PT-kit as well.
4. Sec 2s are to fall-in in their PT-kit.
5. Cadets are also reminded to bring along their ATC and STC consent forms and inline-skating consent forms etc.
6. NCOs to report to NPCC room at 2.10pm sharp

Things to bring
PT-Kit (sec 1s and sec 2s & 3s)
Full-uniform (sec 1s)
Water bottle
Notebook (sec 1s) (important!)
consent forms

There will be no training on Friday

Attendance is Compulsory!

*Please take personal responsibility to refer to the notice board frequently for updates of the next training and other announcements.

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