Sunday, May 6, 2007


On the 16 of may, there will be a NPCC day in school. Therefore, all cadets including the sec 4/5 are required to put on FULL UNIFORM and fall-in in front of the flag pole area at 6.45 a.m. Since the whole school will be watching NPCC, all uniform MUST be in tip-top conditions. NPCC day message will be read out by either TO or OC followed by NPCC pledge. As for the sec 1s, please be informed that you are suppose to wear school tie for that occasion. All cadets in uniform MUST wear uniform for at least until recess. High discipline must be attained at all time(THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). During this period of time, if there is any Physical Education (P.E) lesson, students are required to change to PE attire but after that, there is no need to change back to full uniform. After school, there will be training for only the sec 1s to 3s. The next batch of NCOs posting is not out yet. Thus, CIs will be fully in charge for training. Training details yet to be out.

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