Sunday, December 16, 2007

CTNPCC CCA Open House Groupings

Armoury [performance]

The 6 people performing :
Yong Hien
Wei Heng
Wee Kiat
***the above mentioned 6 people, you are required to come on the 17 and 18 of December to start practicing the fancy drill.

Armoury [number-1 uniform]
The two secondary one people are
1. Shaun
2. Raidah

Awards and Uniform [on actual day]

The 2 people helping
3. William
4. Nitro

Campcraft [pitching of tent and flag]

8 people needed for pitching up the tent and flag are
Teng yee[tent]
Jun han [tent]
Yong hien[flag]
Yi hao[flag]]
Wei heng [flag]

Campcraft exhibition[on actual day]

1 person helping

Outdoor Cooking [on actual day]

4 people needed to help
Ahmad Kafi
Ho Ming

Admin [on actual day]

2 people helping
zhong yi[counter 1]
wei hao [counter 2]

Logistics [on actual day]

· 4 people needed to help
· Yuan Long
· Hayden
· Dhivya
· Zhi Hao

Publicity [on actual day]

4 people will be at the basket ball court to advertise NPCC
· Pavinder
· Eeman
· KaiYuan
· Leonardo
***the rest of the sec1s and 2s who are free on that actual day will be going around bringing the sec1s students [2008] to our booth

Banner[on 17 and 18 December 2007]

All the secondary one, two and three students [2007] are required to come on both of the days
[attendance is compulsory]
Time: Fall-in at 10 am

Dismissal: 5 pm
Lunch break: 12pm-1pm

Attire: pt kit
Secondary 1 students bring
**sec 2s excluding the 6 people for training regarding armoury help in the banner an bring the same things as the sec 1s .

Sec 3s please conduct your respective category preparation .if there isn’t anything help the others.

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