Sunday, June 8, 2008

Northland NPCC Tie, Bid & Cook Challenge 2008

Dear all,

Northland Secondary School NPCC Unit cordially invites ALL NPCC Units to participate in its first ever Tie, Bid and Cook Challenge.

This challenge is ultimately a field cooking challenge. Teams will have to first earn credits through tying of knots and lashings learnt in the NPCC syllabus (in the first stage of the challenge), and bid (in the second stage) for the ingredients they want using their credits earned. In the final stage, teams will have to use the ingredients to cook their dishes.

The objectives of this challenge are to promote teamwork and to bring out the competitive spirits among our cadets. It also tests our cadets' knowledge in knots and lashings and field cooking skills.

Each unit is invited to send in ONE team consisting of THREE cadets. There are no level or gender requirements.

The details of the challenge are as follows:

Date : 12th July 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 0800h to 1200h (Teams are to register by 0730h.)
Reporting Place : Northland Secondary School Canteen

All entries should reach OC Unit of Northland Secondary School via fax at 6257 3634 by 5th July 2008 (Saturday). The units will be informed of their confirmation of participation in the challenge through their team captains.

Interested Cadets, can leave a comment in this entry and i will contact you.



Anonymous said...

ermms... its for sec 1 , 2 or 3? O.O?

Anonymous said...

just asking btw...

weixiONg said...

HI Wei Heng,

Its for all. Its stated in the entry.

Wei Xiong

Anonymous said...

LOL no one else left any reply

Anonymous said...

yess i wan goooo!!haha i wan cook some disgusting dish for the peopl@E#%hah

Anonymous said...

sure sure.. go cook some digusting dishes for the ppl ... GOOO YONG HIEN~!!!!

Anonymous said...

Er wei Heng u wan join TOO?

Anonymous said...

See First... If Not Enuff Interested People Join Then I Tikam Tikam Join Lorhs...