Sunday, October 19, 2008

Attention Cadets,

  1. Please be informed that the unit will be having its promotion test this Wednesday,22nd October 2008.All cadets are required to fall in by 1445hours sharp in their FULL UNIFORM.
  2. Sec 2 & 3 cadets are required to submit their NYAA booklet to Bili by Monday,20th October 2008 before assembly.Kindly fill up your booklet accordingly. If you have any doubts in filling in you booklets, write it on a piece of foolscap paper and attach it to your booklet.
Things To Bring:
  1. Full Unifrom
  2. PT Kit
  3. Writing Materials


*please take personal responsibility to refer to the noticeboard and the blog frequently for updates of the next training and other announcements

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