Sunday, January 3, 2010

NPCC Schedule from 6 Jan to 3 Feb

NPCC Schedule from 30 Jan to 3 Feb
Fall-in location: Carpark outside ISH for every training

Attention Cadets

These are the training dates and details. Please do check the blog or board for the weekly announcements.

Do take note that from now onwards till the Campcraft Competition (20 Feb, tentative), all cadets involved in the competition will fall-in in their PT-kit for every training. (excluding CCA openhouse unless otherwise stated)

(Cadets involved in the competition will also need to bring along their full-uniform as and when stated in the notices)

Training date: 30 Jan (Saturday)
Muster Parade
time (confirmed) :7.40am
fall-in attire: PT-kit
things to bring: PT-kit and Full uniform (confirmed)
Please ensure that your uniform is in tip-top condition.
Campcraft training will be after the muster parade at 1.30pm

Training date: 3 Feb
TIME: 2.45-6.10pm
fall-in attire: Full-uniform
things to bring: PT kit & Full Uniform for all

There will be no training from 20-22 January due to the Aspire Camp.
Notices are posted online at:

*Please take personal responsibility to refer to the notice board frequently for updates of the next training and other announcements.

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