Friday, March 19, 2010

Training for 22 March '10 (Monday)

Attention Cadets

There will be training on Monday, 22 March.
Trainings on Wed, 24 March and Fri, 26 March are cancelled due to 4E meet-the-parents session and the Sports Carnival '10 (on Friday) respectively.

Training details are as follows:
Date: 22 March (Monday)
Time: 3.00pm-6.10pm
Fall-in attire: FULL-u for the whole unit
PT-kit for sec 1s

Things to bring:
FULL-u for the whole unit (Sec 2s-5s: *WHITE gloves)
PE-shirt for the whole unit
PT-kit for sec 1s
water bottle

Contact your squad ics if you have any queries on the attire etc.

*WHITE gloves can be bought from beach road, bukit timah plaza or any department/neighbourhood shops

Attendance is Compulsory!

*Please take personal responsibility to refer to the notice board frequently for updates of the next training and other announcements

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