Thursday, April 15, 2010

NPCC badge arrangements

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Attention cadets. The following is the badge arrangement for the speech day. Alvin (Setiawan) has kindly gotten the information from the net, so please do follow it properly. Thank you for your cooperation.

For the badges above the right pocket, they should be aligned to the left. (point of view from this picture)
If u have 3 or less badges on the first row, but u have one badge on the second row, the second row badge must be placed on the first row, on the left side of the 3 badges.

For example;
you have the following badges: ATC, Campcraft, Road safety and marksman and Police knowledge.
The Arrangement is:
First row - Police Knowledge, ATC, Campcraft, Road Safety
Second row – Marksman

Training details can be found in the previous posting (refer to archives)
Thank you

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