Monday, July 9, 2012

Training for 11 and 13 July 2012

Training for 11 July 2012
1.    Wednesday’s training will be from 2.30pm – 5.30pm .
2.    The whole unit (except sec 1) is to fall-in in your Full-U outside the ISH (Carpark) .
3.    Sec 1 is to fall-in in school uniform with tie and NPCC collar lapel outside the ISH (Carpark) .

Things to bring for all training:
1)    Water bottle for ALL
2)    PT Kit
3)    Full U for all (except sec 1)
4)    School uniform with tie and NPCC collar lapel (sec 1)

Training for 13 July 2012
1.    Friday’s training will be cancelled due to Sec 3 NCO camp.

*Please take personal responsibility to refer to the notice board frequently for updates of the next training and other announcements.

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