Thursday, January 3, 2013


Dear all,

NUS NPCC will be organizing its 8th Air Rifle Shooting Championship. This championship serves as a suitable enrichment for the cadets and officers as a complement to the NPCC training syllabus, and also provides an avenue for the various units to hone their shooting skills and enhance the cadets’ exposure to competition-level air rifle shooting.

The objectives of the competition are as follows:
           Encourage units to incorporate air rifle training as an enrichment activity in their NPCC training syllabus
           Promote interaction between NPCC units in Singapore
           Encourage the youth of Singapore to take up shooting as a sport
           Promote sport competitiveness among individuals and teams

The competition will be held on 20th January 2013 at the HomeTeam NS Air Gun Shooting Range (Bukit Batok). The details of the competition can be found in the invitation letter attached.

interested participants please let me know by 7 Jan.

I can be contacted at or 82012111

thank you!

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