Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Training for 28 February 2018

There is training on Wednesday

1.Training will be from 3.10pm to 5.30pm

2. Cadets to fall in infront of science block (in PT KIT) by 3.10pm

1.selected sec 2 cadets will be going for unarmed tatics at 1.00pm in pt kit

2.sec3s going for. 22 revolver shoot gather at foyer in school full-uniform by 2.15. Cadets are allowed to leave their classes at 1.45pm

Training for 02 March 2018

There is training on friday

1. There will be Promotion test (Theory)  at computer lab 2 for sec2s- sec4s

2. Cadets to report at 2.20pm for attendance taking in front of science block in PT kit

3.please report at given timing below at computer lab 2

1. Sec4s 2.30pm

2. Sec3s 4.30pm

3. Sec2s 3.30pm

when cadets are done with their test they are to report back for normal training

Things to bring:


Water bottle for all


*Please take personal responsibility to refer to the notice board/website.

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