Sunday, May 20, 2018

Training on 21 May 2018
There is no training on Monday.
1. There will be NPCC Day on Monday.
2. Cadets to fall in at side stage by 7.15am.
3. Sec1s to be in School Half u, Sec2s and Sec3s to be in NPCC Full u
4. Sec2s will be attending SANA course.
5. Sec2s to report at foyer at 1.20pm in pt kit.
Training on 22 May 2018
There is no training on Tuesday.
1. Those involved in Inter-Unit .22 Competitions (Prelims), fall in at foyer by 8.10am in NPCC Full uniform.
2. Please bring along a pen and your student pass.

Training on 23 May 2018
There is training on Wednesday.
1. Sec1s and Sec3s will be going for Annual Equipping.
2. Sec1s and Sec3s to fall in at CTSS school foyer by 1.55pm in PE shirt and PE shorts and bring a pen
3. Sec2s to fall in infront of Science block by 3.15pm in pt kit

Training on 24 May 2018
There is no training on Thursday.
1. Sec1s will be attending Police Procedure Course.
2. Sec1s to fall in at foyer by 1.55pm in School Half u.

Training on 25 May 2018
There is no training on Friday
1. Training is cancelled due to  Home-Based Learning and PSI

Things to bring for every training :

Water Bottle


*Please take personal responsibility to refer to the notice board/website.

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