Monday, July 29, 2019

Training for 31 July 2019
There is no training on Wednesday
1. Sec 2 cadets are to report to the classroom with their bags
by 3.30pm and are to be in PT kit
2. Sec 3 cadets will be participating in HSF course and are to
report to Computer Lab 1 by 3.10pm in Half NPCC Uniform.
3. Cadets taking part in area games are to bring along PT kit for
trial run

Training for 2 August 2019
There is no training on Friday
1. There will be Unit Camp
2. All Cadets are to bring the necessary belongings for the camp
according to the packing list

Things to bring for every training:
- PT Kit
- Water bottle


*Please take personal responsibility to refer to the
notice board / website. 

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